Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Game Review: Hunter 2014 Brings Big Game Hunts Without A Big Price


As I drift back from Android and the HTC One M7 and rejoin the full time Windows Phone crowd, I have noticed a few of my favorite games missing from the Store. Games like MLB Perfect Inning and Deer Hunter 2014 allowed me to pass the time in an entertaining fashion. Coming back to Windows Phone, that pesky App gap started to become very evident, very quickly. While there are definitely some great titles in the store, there are some gaps. Fortunately, there are developers like TTX Studio that take some classic games like Deer Hunter and create a freebie version of it and do so quite successfully. Hunter 2014 isn’t a perfect game, but if you are looking for some hunting action on your Windows Phone, it gives the paid hunting games a serious run for their money.


The game runs on a simple premise, control your weapon by dragging your finger across the screen. Press the bullets in the lower right corner to shoot. Hit targets, or animals, and get points. Points and experience bump you up levels to where the game gets harder and harder. Game play is quick and challenging. The weapon controls are almost a bit too sensitive, but if you have ever tried to shoot targets with a pistol at any sort of distance, you will appreciate how realistic the sway is. Hunter 2014 is just fun to play.


As you increase your experience, you will unlock additional levels, weapons and hours of time killing enjoyment. Hunter 2014 includes various levels of hunting right now ranging from targets (pictured) to chickens, rabbits, deer and foxes. TTX Studio has stated online that they will continue development of the game and add additional levels that may feature bears, birds, tigers and maybe even dinosaurs.

Overall, Hunter 2014 is an extremely solid effort from TTX Studio. If you have an inkling to shoot some critters on your Windows Phone, you owe it to yourself to check out this game. If not, and you just want to play with the target practice level, you can do that also. Either way, check out Hunter 2014 and take it for a spin.

Download: Hunter 2014

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