Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Game Review: PigJump! – Who Says Pigs Can’t Fly?


Anyone that has a Windows Phone should have heard of Ocean68 Studio by now. Their App Info+ and 11,000 Cool Facts Apps are just down right awesomeness for your Windows Phone. Now after a bit of poking, and prodding me on Twitter, I am finally done playing with their newest creation, Pig Jump!.


Pig Jump! isn’t just a game… It’s hours of horribly frustrating action that I have not felt the angst of since Flappy Bat. Pig Jump! seems simple enough on the surface, but as soon as you start actually playing, it becomes a terror of falling in holes, getting rammed by birds and eaten by fish… Of course, that’s because I officially suck at this game. That said, it is some of the most fun I have had in so long, I can’t really say anything to the negative.

Controls are amazingly accurate on my HTC One (M8) for Windows. Tilt a bit to the right and I move forward slightly. Tilt hard and it moves super quick. A quick tap of the screen and my Pig’s bazooka is blowing away the birds and fish that are trying to destroy my little journey through the pond.


Now, I am more than embarrassed to say that I did not complete any ‘levels’ in this game, so I have no idea if there is more fun to be had later in the game or not. I can say that Pig Jump! will be keeping a solid space on my device. The 16MB download (according to the Windows Phone Store) is well worth the price of admission to this game and any time a free game is offered up without annoying ads covering my screen I am there.

So, when you are ready to jump in, head over to the Windows Phone Store and snag Pig Jump!, you won’t regret it, but your phone battery might.

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