Thursday, September 18, 2014

Game Review: The Sobering Beer Pong Champion 3D Experience


I really am the first to say that some of these new fangled video games drive me nuts. What I mean is games like Madden ‘15, with the X & Y sticks, D-Pad and 47 programmable buttons are just a bit tough for me to master. I prefer the old school games with a D-pad and a couple of buttons, or maybe I just come from a more simple time where complicated games just didn’t exist yet. That said, when I saw Beer Pong Champion 3D, I thought I was in for the beer pong experience without all the drinking… I was wrong.


This masterpiece of a game by Obaiah Kondaiah is one of the most frustrating, simplistic games on the planet. You simply bounce your ping pong ball from one end of the table into the cups on the opposite side of the table. Beer Pong Champion 3D is not only frustrating, but it is a complete blast to play. My only complaint about the game is that practice mode doesn’t seem to prepare you for the impending doom that is Beer Pong Champion 3D itself.


The combination of amazing graphics and frustrating ball reactions makes Beer Pong Champion 3D a must try game for just about everyone out there. Grab it from the store today and enjoy all the beer ponging excitement – just don’t tip over or drop your phone.

Download: Beer Pong Champion 3D

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