Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Game Review: Catch A Hex


When a came like Catch A Hex comes along, it is really hard to review it. You need to look at the entire package and not just the individual games. Sometimes there are areas of a title that the programmers just nail, while there are other areas that just seem like an after thought. Fortunately, Turboshroom nails it with Catch A Hex and I don’t need to tell you about a ‘bad’ part of the game. With 4 gaming modes, Catch A Hex will keep even the most avid gamer glued to their Windows Phones for quite some time.


The first mode to take a peek at is “Buffet” mode. This is a rather simple mode where the tiles light up and you have to tap them before they go out. It starts out easy enough, but when you start getting above 20, the speed picks up and the game gets more and more difficult.


Hero mode is next up in Catch A Hex. Hero mode emulates the popular “guitar hero” style of play. The hexes fall from the top of the screen and you have to tap them in the safe zone at the bottom of the screen. For guitar hero fans that want a light weight version of the game, Catch A Hex is the perfect companion for you.


Hole mode brought a hole new level of crazy to the game. The goal of this setup is to not allow your hexes to fall into the black hex at the center of the screen. Seems easy enough to do, but for some reason, this level gets hard fast. I can only imagine how much harder it gets after you’ve gotten really good at the game.


Finally, there is Rain mode. Rain mode is simply the Hero level on steroids. Pieces fall from the top and you have to tap the out before they touch the bottom. All in all, it wasn’t hitting the falling hexes that was a serious problem, but it was more often than not hitting the white space that killed me on this level. Rain mode was definitely my favorite of the 4 levels on Catch A Hex.

Catch A Hex clocks in at a paltry 9.2 MB in Storage Sense, which makes this an amazingly easy recommendation. Grab Catch A Hex now from the store and give it a play. Between the gaming options, the challenging levels and an overall smooth experience, Catch A Hex is a must download for every Windows Phone user.

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