Friday, May 30, 2014

Game Review: Traffic Racer


Remember those top down view “racer” games like Spy Hunter and well, yeah, that was the only one I came up with also, If you were a fan of that style of play, Traffic Racer by Soner Kara is the next App you need to download to your Windows Phone. While the style of game play is similar though, I am sorry to tell you that I didn’t find the oil slick or the machine gun option anywhere in the game – but I am going to keep playing until I do.


The game starts off easily enough with picking your vehicle type and color. When you play, you earn money to buy more vehicles, colors and options. Starting out, select the color of your truck and press play.


Choosing your gaming mode is next. For learning the controls and how they play with your device, I would recommend a free ride to start with. This is just a continuous game mode that resets your vehicle if you crash. There are two endless modes where you drive until you crash. The first features traffic only driving the same direction as you, where as the second has the traffic on the left coming towards you. Time trial is basically a race to see how far you can get in a limited time. All three of the competition options bring something different to the table.


Driving is quite simple with Traffic Racer. Tilt your device left and you turn left. Tilt it right and you move to the right. The lower right hand side of the screen is your gas pedal and the lower left is the brake. If you keep your fingers low enough, they don’t interfere with game play at all with these controls.


Playing Traffic Racer is almost as easy as using the controls. Simply move left or right to avoid the traffic and keep going for as long as you can. When you hit another vehicle, your game ends. The graphics on Traffic Racer are great, and the play was smooth on my Nokia Lumia 925. I did find myself wanting to buy new cars faster than I was winning cash, but that’s probably my issue, not one with the game.


Traffic Racer is a great old fashion driving classic. It also give the feel of the modern day runner style games, so if you are a fan of those, it’s worth a look as well. I think the only negative to the game is the 91.65 MB storage size that Storage Sense reported it using on my device. That said, 100MB for a great graphics game like Traffic Racer isn’t that bad in my head.

If you want to give Traffic Racer a look, it is available for free in the Windows Phone Store. I think it would be a great fit if you fall into the category of loving driving games or like those new style runner games. Either way, you should be thrilled with the play from Traffic Racer.

Store Link: Traffic Racer

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