Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Game Review: Tappy Dog Is Not Your Average Flappy Game


When the developer of Tappy Dog reached out to me to take a peek at his work, I cringed at the thought of Flappy Bird clone number 1,987,243… Thankfully, Jason Thomas Carter didn’t produce yet another Flappy Bird, but what I like to consider as the most unique concept I’ve seen in a basic game in a long time. Tappy Dog is half reaction time and half state fair gaming fun.


Developed for the //publish/ NYC event, Tappy Dog is a simplistic, yet completely addictive multiplayer dog racing game. The controls are as basic as they come. Touching the green makes you go fast, yellow not so much and red just not at all. As the rectangles at the bottom of the screen change colors, you tap the green ones as fast as you can, and your dog begins its race to the finish.


It took me a few tries to really get the hang of it, but this //publish/ NYC winner for Design and Innovation, just isn’t a tough one to figure out. Until you start racing against really good competitors online. That’s correct, there’s an online mode where you can race against other Tappy Dog users.


As you become a bit more agile fingered, you may find the challenge of this game a bit too easy. If that’s the case, start adding a bit of fun to it again by playing multi-fingered or even with your non-dominant hand. Tappy Dog isn’t just fun to play, it’s also a great game for hand eye coordination and reaction time practice. If I wasn’t having so much fun with it, my almost 5 year old would have had a blast with it.

With all the good things going for it, I completely recommend a download of Tappy Dog. I do have a bit of concern for those with lower device storage, as Storage Sense shows an install size of 84.19 MB. A further look shows that that App size installed is using 84.12 MB and the data is 69 KB. This seems a bit heavy for such a simple game, but it is probably due to the requirements of going online to play. We also know that Storage Sense is not always 100% accurate, but it is the only real way I have to compare installed App sizes consistently. Even with the larger install size, if you are running the 8.1 preview and have an SD slot or just have a 32GB device, grab yourself a download of Tappy Dog right now and give it a whirl. You can thank me later for the recommendation.

It is also available for Windows 8.1 as well for those with tablets and laptops that just can’t get enough Tappy Dog action!

Store Link: Tappy Dog for Windows Phone

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