Wednesday, January 28, 2015

App Review: Dropbox Finds A Home On Windows

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Celebrated Windows Phone developer Rudy Hyun has done it again. Although, this time it isn’t a popular spin off of yet another App that hasn’t made its way to Windows, it is a major hole in the App gap that is now filled thanks to Rudy. Dropbox, the uber popular online storage solution, has come to Windows, officiallly. Dropbox starts out by giving users 2GB of free online storage and can be grown quite easily by just paying attention online to offers for expansion.

As far as the basics go, Rudy pretty well nailed them. In fact, I’d say that the Dropbox for Windows App is almost as solid as the well dressed, and multiple updated Android version. The Windows version is much cleaner, though I haven’t had time to check out all the functionality quite yet. Dropbox allows you to set up various backups and file systems making it simple to organize and keep your files safe. Another advantage to the Dropbox app is that it is a Universal Windows App. It is running just fine on my Windows 10 Technical Preview device. l can’t say enough how important these UWA’s will be to the success of Windows for Mobiles or whatever the final product name will be since they are the backbone behind the moving and shaking.


Dropbox has a very straight forward interface. You open it up to find a list of files and folders. Press something to open, back to close. A quick swipe to the left from the main screen takes you to the image section, where you can turn on Auto-Photo Backup. Photo backup is done over Wi-Fi only and is set to backup when the device is plugged in automatically. This will save you from high cellular bills and a battery drain. It’s important to note that as well since you can’t delete those images from your device until you get them backed up. Make sure you have them before you remove them from your device.

Dropbox is beautifully done and Rudy Hyun has once again solidified himself as the top developer in the Windows platform. This is taking nothing away from all the other amazing developers, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Rudy simply executed Dropbox perfectly. The ultra small 3MB download should be a nice addition to anyone’s device, and the 2GB of free storage will come in very handy to those without an SD slot for saving additional data. More than anything though, go to the Windows store and download Dropbox just to show your support. It is a free download and having it downloaded in huge numbers may start spurring on others to let Rudy code for them as well.

Download Link: Dropbox

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