Thursday, January 29, 2015

Game Review: My Hopes Were Sunk With Premium Pool Pro


Pool, the game of gentlemen. The game of finesse. The game of skill and planning. Otherwise know as the game that just made me want to chuck my Windows Phone across the room. At least that was the feeling I got when I tried to master Premium Pool Pro from Iceflake Studios. Yes, this game started out innocently enough, but after selecting my stick color, ball style and table color, it was all downhill for me. Premium Pool Pro definitely got the better of me, and not in a fun way.


After selecting all my colors and styles, I began the process of learning to aim and power the balls towards the pockets. It seemed simple enough, aim the stick by rotating it where you wanted to hit the ball, then look at the angle of the shot and adjust. Finally ‘pull’ the stick at the right of the screen down to shoot you shot. Simple, right? Well, let me say that after three games, it was anything but simple. I don’t know whether the developer decided to completely mess with people or what, but none of the angles that I saw were even close to where the ball was going. It was almost enough to drive me insane in the 15 minutes I played.

Of course, if you look past the slightly wonky controls, underneath, it is a gorgeous pool game with realistic sound, great graphics and variable user settings. Overall, Premium Pool Pro is one of those games that most people should enjoy. I, unfortunately, was not one of them.

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After playing the game for what seemed like an hour, missing shot after shot – and not by much of a narrow margin if you know what I mean – I had to concede that either Premium Pool Pro wasn’t for me or there was a major flaw in the system. I want to give Premium Pool Pro the benefit of the doubt and blame myself, but I find it hard since I am so good at this sort of game, usually. Anyways, if you want to see the madness for yourself, hit the link to download Premium Pool Pro and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Download Link: Premium Pool Pro

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