Tuesday, January 27, 2015

App Review: Weather Premium


I don’t know about you, but I really don’t think I need a fancy headline for Weather Premium because that is the name of the App by MetroStudio. Weather Premium is a clean, simple and accurate weather App with a twist of fun. Starting out from the surface, the App is very clean, very quick and has one of the best Live Tile layouts of any weather app in the Store. There’s nothing over the top and the easy to read high temperature in red and low temperature in blue tile is simple and effective. All in all, Weather Premium hits it out of the park in basic functionality.

The main App screen offers even more features. Wind speed, current temp and rainfall are all available on the first line of the App. Then the 5 day forecast can be checked on the next line. Finally a 3 hour update on the weather is listed below that. Type of weather, temps and wind speeds are included in the three hour forecast and couldn’t be more helpful in planning evening activities.

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Once you’ve cleared the basics in Weather Premium, you start getting into the fun. The Clother section advises you on what you might want to wear out for the day. In this case, the wet and 39 degree day warranted a heavier coat and an umbrella. Very smart, very simple and Weather Premium does it perfectly. Then you have the ‘funny bits’ that ask questions like the one above or say things like if you want to know what the weather is, look outside. It’s a cute addition to Weather Premium and it made the App that much more enjoyable.

I’m not sure that Weather Premium offers enough over my standard MSN Weather App to switch, but I’m not sure it doesn’t either. I’m keeping them both installed in the short term to see which one works out for me better. The 7MB download is easy enough for my HTC One M8 for Windows to handle, so I’m not worried there, but I just don’t know if I can replace old faithful with something new quite yet. Overall, Weather Premium is totally worth the FREE cost that is posted on it right now. If you are in the market for a great weather App, grab yourself a download of Weather Premium today and check it out.

Download Link: Weather Premium

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