Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hey Verizon, Where’s My Lumia?


Not to sound negative, but if you are a Lumia fan, the largest cellular provider in the US pretty well sucks. As of today, there were only two, yes, two Microsoft Lumia products available, one being a tablet and the other being a Certified Pre-Owned Lumia 928. Even with the giant selection of Microsoft devices available, the 530, 635, 830, 930 and even the 1520, the largest carrier in the US has none available.


It gets even worse when you consider that the only two current Windows devices that are available on Big Red are the HTC One M8 for Windows and the Samsung ATIV SE. Other than that, Windows Phone users are out of luck. Might this be that Verizon isn’t selling enough of the Microsoft devices to justify continuing to test them and the software updates? Could it be that HTC and Samsung still have enough pull to keep their devices on the shelf? It might just be that Verizon isn’t going to move to a new Lumia until later this year when the Windows 10 models arrive.

No matter what the reasoning is, the absence of your devices on such a major provider is nothing short of a travesty. If you have Verizon, are you willing to dump them to get a Lumia, are you going to switch platforms at upgrade time or are you going to wait it out and see what’s up next?

Source: Verizon Wireless

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