Saturday, January 31, 2015

Game Review: Hours Of Maddening Entertainment With The Light Game

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When it comes to game play, sometimes simple is the way to go. The Light Game is one of those times where a minimalistic approach was the absolute perfect way to go. Andrea Angella took simplistic gaming to a new level when coding The Light Game for Windows Phone and the result is one of those $2 games that will get you hours upon hours of entertaining frustration as you try and score higher and higher than you did before. The concept is beyond simple. The game play is so easy a 5 year old can play it. It’s about the perfect mix of challenge and fun. The Light Game nailed it from the start for me.

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The game play is simple. You start the game, put your finger on the line on the screen and it starts to scroll. As the game goes on, the line begins to turn more and the pace quickens. There are also various power-ups that can help you along your line tracing journey. Some just give you extra points, others give you huge advantages – like increasing the size of the line, or slowing the line down.

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As you drift through the game, pay attention to when lines start to change color as there is a break in the line that you need to “jump” over or you’ll lose a tiny bit of your precious health. Trust me on this one, in The Light Game, there is only one thing that matters, keeping those life points intact by staying on the line. I hate to say this, but it almost seems like one of those “brain sharpening” games as well as a ton of fun.

The Light Game is a $1.99 and is only a 3MB download to get installed. If you are one of those action-puzzle-reaction-time game lovers, The Light Game is completely up your alley. I really enjoyed playing The Light Game as well as watching some others give it a crack. The Light Game is a perfect example of simplicity at its finest. Grab The Light Game in store from the link below and give it a shot. I mean, $2 isn’t even enough for a drip coffee and this will wake you up without turning your teeth yellow.

Download link: The Light Game

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