Friday, January 23, 2015

App Review: Kyms Calc – Windows Phone On The Down Low


I’m usually not concerned with someone looking over my shoulder at what I’m doing on my phone, but for those that love to do things with their devices that their mothers may not approve up, there’s an App for that. When I first saw the request to check out Kyms Calc, I had to admit that I really didn’t see the need for a basic calculator replacement and I sure didn’t understand why on earth it needed a PIN number from me. But, lets get going at a full look at the App, because it all becomes clear.

So, as I said, an email came in to check out Kyms Calc for Windows Phone and I always try to oblige my email requests, so off I went to find out what it was all about. The 6MB file downloaded pretty quickly and was installed moments later. When I opened it, I found a very nice calculator that was asking me to set up a PIN number. I popped in a 4 digit PIN and a reminder and let the fun begin. I punched in the digits and pressed the equals key and a whole new level of strange began to take form.


You see, Kyms Calc isn’t a calculator at all. It is a hidden gem of a completely secure dream world where you can browse the web, download files, take notes and recordings and just about anything else your device is capable of doing – all while hiding behind a very simple layer of security. Kyms Calc is simple to use, works like a charm and has the basic functions that cover just about anything a normal person would want. The built in browser worked great and the sites that I visited didn’t seem to show up anywhere else in the device.


On top of the basic “safe mode”: browsing and downloading, there are also areas to record notes, audio clips and a few other nifty tricks. Kyms Calc makes it easy to stay hidden by including a kill switch in the App. Visiting a site that Mom shouldn’t see? Press the home button and you are instantly back at your home screen and Kyms Calc is actually closed out behind you. This prevents someone from going into multitasking mode and finding out what you were doing. Very safe… Slightly annoying, but very safe. Well played.

Kyms Calc is currently free in the Windows store and runs 6MB on the download. It’s a 5 star rated App and for what it does, I would give it the same rating. It’s a very sneaky way to use your Windows Phone and it does it’s job perfectly. You can snag Kyms Calc from the link below and give it a try if you have something to hide… Or not…

Download Link: Kyms Calc

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