Monday, January 5, 2015

Microsoft Announces The Nokia 215 Feature Phone


Just when you thought the mobile OS space couldn’t get more confusing, Microsoft did something that nobody saw coming – released a new feature phone. The $29 Nokia 215 has its sights trained completely on the emerging market areas, though may find a nice home with people that just don’t want to deal with a smartphone or the bill that comes with it. Now, normally I stay away from ‘announcements’ like this as it can be months or years until announced products actually become available to consumers, but this one struck me as quite an epic step from Microsoft.

First off, the feature phone has really grown up. They now offer access to your favorite social media outlets, or at least Facebook and Twitter, as well as the internet with the included Opera browser. The 215 offers 50 hours of MP3 streaming, which should be enough time to get through that 32GB of music saved on the MicroSD card you have installed. Or if you prefer, you can just chat away for 20 hours before you pop it on the charger. Overall, the Nokia 215 is what many people have been screaming for since the buyout was announced – it continues the legacy of what made Nokia great, a powerful little phone.

The Nokia 215 is expected to be available in a single SIM or dual SIM variety and should be out later this year. When you think about cutting your cell bill to $20 a month, does this thing have a chance to make it in your pocket, or are you addicted to your Windows Phone so much that it doesn’t have a chance?

Source: Microsoft Lumia YouTube Page

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