Saturday, January 3, 2015

App Review: PlaceCam Shares Your Pictures Where You Are

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Ever wanted to share an image and have a nifty little hashtag added to it without much effort? Well the good folks at CPDX have made PlaceCam to make it easier for you. Really being an all in one solution to sharing, PlaceCam allows sharing to social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with just one quick click.

Their templates are very simple and the editor is actually the Aviary editor that has a decent selection of tools and effects on board. When you shoot your image, you can use nearby landmarks, your GPS location or just type in a locale. You can then put a filter on the image, edit it up and post it to your favorite social networks in an instant. Of course, don’t forget to use the hashtag feature for added emphasis before you send that creation out for everyone to see.

PlaceCam seems to be a pretty decent App for the lowly price of $.99. Just think of the buck as a way to support a Dev that did some pretty amazing work with the App. While it isn’t one that will probably find a permanent home on my device, for those that are hashtag happy or editing enthralled, PlaceCam is a perfect App to keep around. Either way, take a look at PlaceCam and see how it fits with your social networking needs.

Download Link: PlaceCam

PS – Make sure you disable your autosharing from Instagram if you have any of them engaged as this will create a double post if you have them set up in your networks.

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