Wednesday, October 22, 2014

App Review: Hot Tiles! Makes Easy Work Of Custom Home Screens


If there is something that we all wish we had on our Windows Phones, it would be the ability to pin something to it and control the way it looks. For example, there is no Ello App yet, but I pin a link to that webpage to my start screen for easy access. Unfortunately, Windows Phone only saves an image of the webpage for that live tile and it leaves no room for customization.

The great news is that SYM has addressed said shortcomings and has come up with Hot Tiles! for our customizing enjoyment. Whether you want to create a custom App tile or one for a webpage, it only takes a few clicks to get the look and color you want on your tile.


I took a few seconds to create a WP Focus tile for my home screen and can tell you it is remarkably easy to use this powerful App. Sizes, styles, text location, just about anything you may want to do to your tile is available. Even better, the transparent option is there as well.

The 5MB size is minimal, so that shouldn’t be an issue for most users. Overall, if you like to pin things to your start screen, the $.99 asking price for Hot Tiles! is well worth it. If Hot Tiles! continues to be updated with the newest Apps, this should be Microsoft’s next purchase and be added to the next release of Windows Phone.

Download Link: Hot Tiles!

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