Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Grab An HTC Dot View Case For Under $15!

When 3rd party sellers get a stock of something nice and mark it down to an incredibly low price, I take note. Today is one of those lucky days for HTC One M8 for Windows users. The HTC One M8 Dot View Case can be yours for a measly $11.99-12.99 depending on color selection.

The case is available in Blue ($12.99), Gray ($11.99), Orange ($12.99) and I’m going to call this Raspberry, not purple for $12.97. The Dot View software for Windows Phone just got a major update that included call history display, Dot View backgrounds and a few other nice tweaks. The Dot View case is really a good addition to your M8 even with the so, so protection standards. The Dot View is more of a functionality cover rather than a protective one.

That said, the hard backing keeps your aluminum body safe from scratches, the offset protects the camera lens and the front cover provides a decent layer of protection to the screen when it is in your pocket or bag. With external Caller ID and no open answer, the Dot View is a great case.

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