Thursday, October 2, 2014

Game Review: Sky Patrol Packs A Few Surprises

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I downloaded Sky Patrol from Beartrap Games Limited expecting a typical overhead shooter style game. Something in the Raiden or Space Shooter X family. After watching the loading screen, I was greeted with something that was anything but what I was expecting.

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First off, figuring out the controls was difficult, because it wasn’t what I expected. That said, once I understood how the game worked, it became very easy. Sky Patrol is actually a great mix between an overhead shooter and those crazy “tracer” games like Pirate’s Plunder 2. Instead of blindly shooting rounds off and destroying everything in your path, you trace your missile’s path from the yellow area at the bottom of the screen out to your target. It take a few shots to get it down, but once you do, it’s pretty intuitive.


Sky Patrol is definitely one of those frustrating titles that you really want to master quickly, but for many that may not happen. The skill level required for this game is literally one of a 5 year old, but somehow the developers managed to make it an extreme challenge to ‘win’ this one. That’s not a bad thing. Sky Patrol keeps you on your toes and you have to watch every part of your display or you will end up toast.

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Fortunately, the only failure here is me. I would give Sky Patrol and its 52MB download a total thumbs up for anyone that is a fan of tracer games. If you’re an overhead shooter fan, you might want to give it a try as well, but with the $1.99 price tag, games like Space Shooter X might be a better option for you. That said, the $2 download price is well worth supporting a developer for making such a challenging game and the mechanics involved in this will only lead to more amazing titles in the future.

Download Link: Sky Patrol ($1.99)

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