Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Using Bing Rewards For More Than A Gift Card


One of the more common questions I get asked is how do I use my Bing Rewards credits. My answer is simple, Bing Rewards pays for my TV service. Yes, my Bing Rewards actually covers my TV costs every month, and then some. By using my rewards to purchase a month of Hulu+ for 420 credits (with gold discount), I am able to shave almost $10 a month off my bills.

The even better part to this is that on a standard day, you can earn 15 credits for PC searches and 10 credits for searching from your Windows Phone. You also get credits for doing the daily activity. This means 25 credits can be had daily, or about 17 days of just doing that will get you gold status and a free month of Hulu+.

There’s nothing fancy about this one. It’s relatively simple. Signup for Bing Rewards, search with Bing daily and get free Hulu+ service. Does it get better than that? Remember, that Hulu+ subscription goes with you to your Windows Phone, Windows Computer (web also) and just about any other platform you might have. It’s a great deal for catching current run TV and old favorites.

Sign up for Bing Rewards and get the Windows Phone App

Sign up for Hulu+ and get the Windows Phone App

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