Thursday, October 23, 2014

Taking A Peek At The Garage


A somewhat well kept secret in the Microsoft community has been The Garage. This close knit bunch of interns, developers, employees and fan-boys have been hanging out together for quite a while and making some pretty amazing stuff. Whether it’s hacking, creating or just having fun, The Garage crew has some amazing stuff up their sleeves.


First and foremost, you have the featured projects. These range from some amazing Android Apps to some new things for your Windows 8 powered PCs. As you flip through them, pay attention to the downloadable links located at the bottom of the “learn more” popup from the App screen. If you are an Android-Wear user, and you have an Android device in your pocket as well, check out Torque. This brand new App will have you never uttering the words, “OK Google” again…


For us Windows Phone users, probably the highlight of The Garage is the Tetra Lockscreen App. This ‘Live’ style lock screen replacement lets you customize your lock screen with a few different options, including the new “Nokia SensorCore” technology. Swing in to the Workbench and check out the cool content for your devices by hitting the link below.

While there isn’t a ton of content yet, the fact that this has stayed under wraps as well as it has is somewhat amazing. So, go take a stroll around The Garage and see what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Visit The Garage:

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