Thursday, October 9, 2014

App Review: Theme+ Brings Your Personality To Your Windows Phone


Sure, the stock batch of 20+ colors on most Windows Phone devices are plenty for some people. The ability to add custom imaging to tiles in Windows Phone 8.1 is pretty cool as well. What isn’t in the OS yet, and thank goodness that Aälejandro Díazs picked up the slack on this one, is gradient fills. I’m not talking about just a little fade, but a serious mix of colors to that background. What Theme+ brings to the tablet should be purchased by Microsoft and built in to the core OS. It is that good.


Theme+ is about the easiest thing on the planet to use. You click it, select your patter and choose your colors. From there, Theme+ takes care of the rest and makes a gorgeous tile background for your enjoyment. The install size of Theme+ is less than 1 MB, so resources aren’t an issue at all. In fact, unlike some other system altering Apps, I noticed no issues at all running this with any of the three devices I tested it on.

Theme+ does carry a $1.29 price tag, which for some might be considered a bit steep for a basic altering program, but I wouldn’t let that stop me from grabbing this beautiful App. Simplistic, functional and the fact that it is just downright fun to play with keeps Theme+ at the top of the home screen Apps for me. You can download it from the link below.

Download: Theme+

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