Monday, October 6, 2014

Game Review: Stunt Star Turns You Into Evil Kinevel


Growing up, did you ever want to be a stuntman? Better yet, when you were little did you want to be Evil Kinevel? You remember him, that daredevil motorcycle jumper that leapt over school buses and big shark infested tanks before the X-Games made it seem silly. Well, if that was your dream, Three Phase Interactive Pty Ltd has you covered with their Stunt Star release!


Stunt Star is the heroic journey of one man’s quest to become the best stunt man in the world. Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but you get the idea. In this physics based motorcycle classic, you use the gas and brake to guide your rider through the various jumps and obstacles to become the greatest stunt rider ever. Sounds simple enough, but how did the folks at Three Phase do?


The game play during Stunt Star is nothing short of frustratingly awesome. The first few levels are just instructional, like how to use the brake and the gas. As soon as the basics are done, you start jumping, and jumping you shall do. Using the right combination of throttle and brake, you keep your bike level and ready to land. Of course, using the turbo charging rockets and other supplied goodies will make doing a few flips and turns much easier. Remember, those flips and turns are what makes your score better in Stunt Star.


Once you’ve completed your jump, you need to stop your bike between the poles and as close to the flag as possible before your time runs out. Do this and you could be the next big Stunt Star.Fail, and your boss pops on with a corny joke and a repeat button.  


Overall, Stunt Star is a great game that offers challenges to just about any skill level out there. The $2.99 asking price might be a tad on the aggressive side, but with the quality of the game and having zero issues running it across my bevy of devices, makes the one time $3 purchase worth the investment. The 32MB file size is also well worth the space on a device should you choose to partake of this great title.

Download Link: Stunt Star

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