Saturday, October 18, 2014

Game Review: Breakout With Break That Wall!


Arcade classics are always one of my favorite ways to pass the time on my HTC (M8) for Windows. Break The Wall! by Federico Aliprandi is one of those games that instantly takes me back to the arcade days, or at least my BlackBerry Pearl, which is probably back far enough at this point.

This simplistic ‘block breaker” game brings an element of fun that I haven’t seen before by making some very creative block patterns to the top of the screen. In fact, even as early as the first few levels, the rainbow level had me impressed. Break The Wall! is simple to play, with the only real control being your finger sliding around the paddle. Other than that, it’s a simple job of catching the power-ups to make your ball do some fun stuff and keeping it from falling past your paddle.

Break The Wall! is available in the Windows Phone Store and comes along with a very small 17MB install size. Break The Wall! is a definite must download as the free price tag can’t be beat and the hours of fun that Federico Aliprandi will give you with Break The Wall! is easily worth it. Grab it right now at the link below.

Download link: Break The Wall!

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