Monday, February 9, 2015

Updated: FreePrints Leaves Windows Phone - Then Comes Back!

Yes, I'm aware that Windows Phone is already dead, at least in name, but the platform itself is at a serious tipping point right now and it looks like it's tipping the wrong way. After the news that many larger banks are pulling the plug on their Windows operations, yet another developer doesn't see Windows as the wave of the future. The popular photo software, FreePrints will be shuttering their Windows based services on March 1, 2015.

FreePrints is a service that allows a user to upload images from their device directly to their servers and order prints of them. The prints are run a a very low cost or free, and shipped to the user. Without viable options from other vendors, FreePrints was one of the ways that you could do direct to print images from your Windows device. There are still a few others in the Store, but losing an App of this caliber is a definite blow to the community.

FreePrints closes the email with the fact that they will continue to offer their Android and iOS Apps and services going forward.

UPDATED 2/11/15 - Great news! It looks like FreePrints has reconsidered their pull out from Windows Phone! In an email this morning, FreePrints recommitted to the Windows Phone platform and were "moved by your enthusiasm for FreePrints." Here's the email below:

So, for the foreseeable future, FreePrints is on Windows to stay and we can't thank them enough for sticking with the platform.

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