Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dear Microsoft…


Dear Microsoft,

I know this may come as a shock to you and your programmers, or not, but did you know that my Windows Phone using Internet Explorer thinks that it’s an… Wait for it… Android device? Yes, that’s correct. Your gorgeous beautiful device chain, from the Lumia 1520 to the HTC One M8 all believe that they are Android powered when you visit popular sites like


In fact, to make it worse, when you click on the “Get The Amazon App” link on the mobile page, it prompts you to install the – ANDROID APP! You might think that this is a simple issue, with no real ramifications, but what if, and maybe it could be, what if those market share numbers are skewed for all the wrong reasons and we are all getting counted as Android devices? What if Windows Phone is doing so much better than we think, but Bank of America and Chase users are being seen as ANDROID users on their mobile sites?

I’m not screaming conspiracy theories or demanding a fix, but it sure would be nice if things like this stopped happening. If I wanted to be carrying an Android powered phone, I would switch back to my HTC One M7 and call it a day. Instead, I love showing off my M8 for Windows, but it’s a bit embarrassing when I take someone to Amazon and my phone says it’s a Droid. Please think about getting this recoded for Windows 10. It would be nice to have it all pretty and fun when I share my stuff!


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