Sunday, February 1, 2015

Boost Your Cell Plan With A Lumia 635 From Boost Mobile

While many Windows Phone fans are beginning to mourn the fact that Microsoft still has not run out a flagship device for 2015, nor have they really contributed much more than a ‘hint’ that one is coming in the future, there is something of a victory to be had in the world of mobile devices. With the addition of the Lumia 635 to their lineup, Boost Mobile has brought the Lumia lineup to a front and center position on the largest assortment of prepaid MVNO’s in the US. Boost Mobile runs off the Sprint network and offers one of the lowest rates around for unlimited talk, text and data plans.
Boost Mobile offers three different plans for users to choose from. First, there is the $35 a month unlimited talk, text and data plan with 1GB coming at LTE speeds before slowing to 2G. Second, you can add just $10, bringing your total monthly cost to $45 for 5GB of that speedy LTE browsing. If that isn’t enough for you, for just $55 a month, Boost Mobile will give you a whopping 10GB of those speeds before you slow up. All in all, the 2 year cost of a Boost Mobile plan will set users back as little as $939.99. This compares to T-Mobile coming in at $1425.99 for their Simple Starter Plan and the same Lumia 635.
Boost Mobile plans are available online and you can order your Lumia 635 for just $99.99 and have it in just a few days. Not sure which plan is right for you? Start with one and give them a call if you need to change it up. Boost Mobile’s customer service people that I spoke with were very helpful and said that they can work with most plan changes, sometimes even performing them in the same month, but usually starting for the next billing cycle.
For now, hit the link below and check out the options that are available for Boost Mobile and your new Lumia 635. The extra cash you put in your pocket can be used for much better things, like a dinner out or a week of coffees every month.
Source: Boost Mobile

Steal Alert: Amazon is featuring the Boost Mobile version of the Lumia 635 for only $69 with free Prime shipping. (2/2/15)

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