Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Windows 10 Signals The End For Rooms


The more I read about the ‘advances’ that Windows 10 for Phones is bringing to the table, the more I am happy to announce that I have my amazing HTC One M7 to fall back on when this stuff actually happens. Today, I received an email from Microsoft saying that their Rooms feature will be going away next month. Now, most of you have no idea what Rooms even was, but in the days of Windows Phone 7, Rooms was the place to hang out with friends and family, share photos and videos and even keep the family calendar.

While some of this has been rolled up into new features and other Apps, the fact that more of the ‘core’ that was Windows Phone is disappearing from the OS and being left out. Microsoft, when are you going to learn that the more you try and appease the ‘tech audience’ the further away from your real user base you are drifting? I used a Lumia 521 the other day that was back on Windows Phone 8. I even fired up the old Titan (7.5) not too long ago and couldn’t believe how far we have fallen.

What used to be simple, sleek and gorgeous, is now just a rehash of Android features with some big icons (wait, even that can look like an Android start screen if you go 4 up tiles and use widgets on Android) and some nifty voice commands. Sometimes it seems like you are trying too hard to be competitive and not hard enough to be better, or even different. Perhaps losing another service, a feature or even a core element will bring you around to the fact that you are just another mobile OS again. Please, stop cutting the features that made Windows Phone special and start making the OS stronger again.

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