Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hey People, The TPWP Doesn’t Work On “Advanced Devices” OK?


Behold, the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones has been hacked on to your high end phone that Microsoft said not to load it on. Behold yet again, it crashes said phones at a pretty regular rate. Note to self – DON’T INSTALL IT UNTIL IT SAYS TO. Yes, that’s right, our friends over at XDA Developers have figured out the old “Fiddler” trick for making your device look like a Lumia 830 in order to get the new Tech Preview installed on your non-update ready phone. While this may sound like fun, and for a lot of you, you may have done it already, it is not a great idea by any means.

The update contains some errors in how the speedier devices handle internal operations. I would/could get into a bit more of the technical details, but there isn’t a need to at this point. The bottom line is that if you device is not eligible for the update, Microsoft didn’t even want you to have the code in a pre-beta state yet. It’s not ready for prime time. It’s not going to work. Now, depending on your situation, you do have a few options.

1) Purchase a new Lumia 635 from Amazon for about $50. That will give you access to the update and let you play in peace.

2) Become very familiar with the NSU software and get ready to recover your device on a regular basis (and yes, it does require rolling back to Windows 8.1 and then reinstalling the preview.)

3) Honestly, those are the only two options. If you have a non-Nokia/Microsoft device, you just shouldn’t pull the trigger, no matter how tempting it is. If you have an RUU, you can try it out, but try flashing the RUU before you update as you will need a working one to get back to stock.

Other than that, unless you are truly a developer that needs the preview to test your Universal Apps, just hang tight for now and the update will trickle out to everyone that signed up for the insider program soon enough. If you really can’t wait to see it though, spending that $50 on that Lumia in option one above it probably your best move!

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