Monday, February 2, 2015

Game Review: It Might Not Be Legal, But Classic NES – Super Mario Sure Is Fun


Before the debate begins, no, I don’t think this is legal, but that’s an entirely different story on copyright laws and use of ROM’s that I’m not going to have today. Instead, let’s have some fun and take a quick peek at one of the greatest games ever made and the amazing port to Windows Phone that Lunar Games pulled off here. Classic NES – Super Mario is about the closest thing I have seen to a clean port of a Nintendo title to a mobile device. In fact, it’s so good, Nintendo should seriously license them to do it all for them.


As far as the actual game goes, Lunar Games nailed this port. The controls of Super Mario are smooth and easy to use. You have the overlay D pad on the left with the A and B buttons on the right. Above those, you have the left and right buttons found on the Super NES for later use. My one complaint on the control system is that your big thumbs will cover a very large area of the screen when you are controlling the game – thus blocking the action and causing a few oopsies.


Something that helped me get over that issue was to try the ‘fixed joystick’ option at the start of the game. It helped a ton, but I almost think I would rather have a bit smaller controls or maybe a slightly smaller screen of play to help eliminate the viewing issue.

Other than the slight control overlap, Classic NES – Super Mario is a home run. Lunar Games has ported what looks to be about 20-25 classic Nintendo ROM’s over to Windows Phone and done so with such detail it’s downright unreal. There are a few times where slightly annoying full screen ads appear, which is on other sticking point I have with the design. If we are playing a game that runs best in landscape mode, the ads should auto-rotate to landscape mode as well. Just one to put down for future releases there.

Classic NES – Super Mario is available for download in the Windows Phone Store and is an ad supported free game. The 4 MB download size is so small the average device can take it in seconds. If you were/are a fan of classic Nintendo games, go check out Classic NES – Super Mario and enjoy it. You might also want to check out some of the other titles that Lunar Games has brought over as well. Zelda might be the perfect battery drain test App going forward for me, but you never know. For now, hit the link below and enjoy!

Download Link: Classic NES – Super Mario Bros.

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