Thursday, February 26, 2015

Popular Rewards App PerkTV Drops Windows Phone


It seems to be a sign of the times right now, but yet another player in the Windows Store has left the building. This time, it’s the popular rewards App PerkTV. The App simply rewarded members with points for watching videos and reviews. After watching enough videos, and yes it took quite a few, you could cash in your points for a gift card to your choice.


After seeing the App unavailable for reinstall, I checked a device that previously had the App on board only to find that the token was invalid and a message popped up after the first video completed saying that “Perk TV no longer supports Windows Phone”. Of course, the indows Phone part was cut off due to the limit of the message bar, but it was obvious what it was saying.

This is another sign that Microsoft’s apparent exit from Windows Phone to Windows is going to cost some them some major players in the game. Whether the long term gain will out-do the short term loss is still up in the air, but for now, it’s a painful reminder that Windows Phone is a distant 3rd in the OS race and with BlackBerry picking up steam – and Android compatibility – Windows Phone might find itself returning to the 4th place position awfully soon.

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