Friday, February 27, 2015

Game Review: Archery Tournament Is Right On Target

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Call me crazy, but for some strange reason, archery games have struck my fancy lately. I seem to enjoy them very much on my HTC One M8 for Windows. Today’s installment is simply called Archery Tournament and it lives up to it’s name. Practicing by yourself or playing against a friend or the computer, you can shoot your way to better scores by simply dragging the targeting system to the right point and releasing your finger from the screen. Nothing fancy, but tons of fun.

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After about 5 minutes of messing around, I thought I had the controls mastered, so they decided that a moving target would be more challenging. Guess, what? The developers nailed that one because the second the first moving target appeared, I lost the groove for the ‘standard’ targeting as well. Again, simple and brilliant game play. Even though I won my matches, which we all love to win, the game was hard enough on its own that I didn’t feel like it was boring. The 11MB install size is small enough to put it on almost any device and the play is good enough to keep it there. I do find the ‘between game ads’ a bit annoying, but I guess that’s the life of a free App at this point. Overall Fat Belly Studios did a nice job with Archery Tournament and you should go hit the link below and grab it today!

Download Link: Archery Tournament

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