Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Outlook Gets An Update–For Android…

2015-02-17 23.06.352015-02-17 23.06.40

Wow, just to put a nail in the coffin a bit further, though in a good way I guess, Microsoft updated the Android version of their Outlook App to a remarkably cool look. Taking a bit of fun from the Google ‘Inbox’ concept, the new Outlook App is quick, easy and simple. It lays out email in a straight forward, simple manner and keeps your inbox free from clutter and messes.

This was really the last straw in my ‘missing’ features from Android as the former Outlook.com App was getting a bit dated and check boxes were so last year. Still, the new layout is very impressive and makes the move between my HTC One M8 for Windows and my HTC One M7 Android device a bit easier. Of course, I’m still completely embedded in Microsoft’s services between the two devices, so it’s all good, right?

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