Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's Time To Stop The Madness In The Market

When the topic of App numbers and quality of Apps comes up, everyone knows the Windows Store is a bit behind in some of the majors. Unfortunately, it seems like quantity is trumping quality as the rules have flown out the window as many developers are simply creating emulators of old ROMs that were borrowed from either old home video games or some oldie but goody computer games from the 90's.

The problem that Microsoft faces is that they need the numbers and the new blood that these Apps give the Store, even if they are completely illegal to produce. As it stands, I saw a quick list of about 100 Apps that needed to be removed right off the bat. While this isn't a huge number, the fact that they make up such a large percentage of the new and upcoming section is not good at all. If the developers in question had read the terms of their publishing agreement, they would know that they shouldn't publish ROMs that belong to other companies. They also should not be using the trademarked name.

If Microsoft is serious about improving the content of the Store, the first thing they need to do is clean up these titles and the other less than one star reviewed junk Apps. If that starts to happen, it would push developers to create content instead of stealing it. It would also great more solid content for every user.

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