Thursday, February 5, 2015

App Review: Class Up Your Tweets With TweetNote


If you’re a Twitter user, you know what I mean by that 140 character limit getting in the way sometimes. It’s such an issue, there are services like TwitLonger and TweetMore. Well, as usual, most of the third party solutions for extending those tweets just don’t come into play for Windows Phone users. Fortunately, there is an App called TweetNote in the store. TweetNote takes a different play on extending tweets by creating an image of your tweet that will take up to 2600 characters. That’s no slouch of a tweet there.

The App itself is very functional and simple to use. Tap the tile to open TweetNote, press the “about” question mark at the bottom of the screen and tap the “Login with Twitter” button on the next page. This will allow you to post directly from TweetNote. If you choose to skip this step, you can still publish via the share button on the main pages. Once you are logged in to TweetNote, go back to the main screen that will eventually be a list of tweets. For now, you will just see the sample message. Press the (+) button to create a new TweetNote.


Once you are in the main screen, you have the option to name your TweetNote and type the message below. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a few options. The first is font style. The second is font color. The third is font size. The fourth is the background color. These four quick access options make TweetNote very easy to customize and will let you put your own stamp on your tweeted image. With just a few clicks of your virtual keyboard, you are publishing your gorgeous 2500 character rambling about whatever is on your mind. TweetNote couldn’t be much easier to use, unless they made it read your mind and published your tweet for you.

Now, something that is worth noting, especially for marketing people that are finding this as a brilliant alternative to those standard, boring tweets… Your image will not have clickable links. TweetNote produces an image of your tweet, not an actual text based tweet. This means you would have to share your image via a third party solution (or via the Twitter App itself) and put the clickable link in the text from that post. It’s a small thing to work around, and honestly, I have no idea how TweetNote could possibly link to an external source, but for some it might be tough to figure out. Either way, TweetNote is a great marketing program for social marketing experts and the flash and flair you can add to a basic message is perfect.

TweetNote is $1.29 in the store and is only a 5 MB download. This simple shell is amazingly fast and easy to learn. If you are looking for a way to add some fun to those tweets, hit up the Store and grab yourself a copy of TweetNote by clicking the download link below.

Download Link: TweetNote


  1. You don't need a specific app to do that, just write a note, take a screenshot, & publish your screenshot on twitter.

    1. That is very true, but it doesn't publish directly from the screen shot location that way. This is more of a one click, customizable solution. Good point though.