Tuesday, February 3, 2015

App Review: Customize Your Live Tiles With Tilemaker 8.1


Making your phone your own is something that some Windows Phone users have struggled with since day one. Sure, you can change sizes, colors and layouts, but creating your own tiles and looks is something that Microsoft just never made possible in Windows Phone. Tilemaker 8.1 from Study Circle brings this functionality front and center and does it with amazing ease. Simply select the type tile you want to make and you are rolling.

Start by opening up Tilemaker 8.1 and selecting the style of tile you want. You can set it to open an App (though only a select few of my installed Apps appeared on the list), a website or even a system feature. Overall, the process is pretty self explanatory and doesn’t get much easier than what Tilemaker 8.1 does. Click the type, select the icon or photo, select “add a function” and choose what you want your tile to do. Pretty simple.


Once you’ve created your Tilemaker 8.1 tile, you can add it to your home screen or you can save them for later use. Saving them is a great idea since you might want to have them around later, just in case you reorganize your home and accidently delete one.

Overall, Tilemaker 8.1 fills the void of home screen customization pretty well. There are other tile creation Apps out there that do the same thing, but Tilemaker 8.1 is free and very small. At a 6 MB download size, most users won’t even know it’s there. Now, the one drawback to the App, if there is one is the supported Apps that you can create a custom tile to. Although the developers added quite a few in July of 2014, it looks like this one may have been left behind in ‘freebie’ mode and no additional items are coming for the end user. Even still, when you have a customization App that is free, it’s hard to pass it up. Jump on over to the Store and grab a copy of Tilemaker 8.1 by hitting the link below.

Download Link: Tilemaker 8.1

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